The people
of the north are
no ordinary folk.

Their idea of relaxation: dipping in freezing water after whipping one another with birch twigs in a steaming-hot sauna. Built upon pure nature, near-mad creativity and arctic tradition, Wellbeing in Wilderness is truly something else than a trip to the nearby spa…

Dare see it for yourself – treat yourself the arctic way!

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Ways to meet the wilderness

Slow & Silent

Chaos, rush, noise and anxiety are all washed away as steam off the stove fills the room. For many Finns, the sauna is a sanctuary of sorts – a place you go for purification and renewal...


Wild & Free

The deep gorges, untamed rivers and age-old forests of Kuusamo are a manifestation of the wild like no other. Be at one with nature by bathing in a remote sauna heated with wood from these forests...


Alive & Strong

Sauna is the perfect place for regaining ones vigour after a hard day out. It is also a place for stories. Although some stories are best left in the sauna...


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