Alive & Strong

Sauna is the perfect place for regaining ones vigour after a hard day out. It is also a place for stories. Although some stories are best left in the sauna, Finns have long used the no-nonsense atmosphere to negotiate important deals and maintain relationships – even on the presidential level. Sauna and strong, lively stories go hand-in-hand. You can tell one, or just enjoy listening. Either way, you are guaranteed to leave wiser and ready for another great day – alive and strong.

Sauna picks

Pyhäpiilo - Sacred Hide Sauna Spa


A place full of great stories, Pyhäpiilo – Sacred Hide Sauna Spa is a perfect site to spend an evening in private. Endlessly customizable services of an entire Sauna Spa, beautiful scenery and a great deal of arctic mystique ensure that you come up with...

Rantasipi Rukahovi Ski-In & Hike-In Sauna


The Rantasipi Rukahovi Ski & Hike-In Sauna sits conveniently right on the slopes. This is the perfect place to end your active day out on the slopes and start the evening before heading out to the bars and clubs of the Ruka resort. Reminiscing over the feats and...

Sauna Of Old Time Stories


The old man of Vuotunki has a world of stories about the old days in these regions. The Sauna of Old Time Stories is built in an old cattle shed and houses three different saunas. Drift off to days long gone as you sit in the hot tub on the patio, listening to tales of sisu – the stubborn...

Strong ways to spice up your experience:

SaunaYogaAdrenaline & awe-inspiring river landscapes

White water rafting through the Oulanka National Park is nothing less than a trip of a lifetime. Manoeuvring through the rapids takes bravery and teamwork, thus making the trip perfect for a pack of friends or a business group. The deep river gorges, lush forests and sandy banks of the river lead to a sauna hideout where you can unwind and savour a well-deserved feast.

Peat, herbs and honeyStories of the sacred and the silly

Finland – and especially the north – is a land of both stories and storytellers. Some stories are legends of pagan gods, grand legends and feats of the past, while some are witty snippets of everyday life with all its lively quirks. Storytelling runs in the blood of our Sauna Masters. They are sure to tell you a tale or two, but don’t be afraid to ask if there is something on your mind. Listen, learn and laugh; you never know what wisdom they might have that you can share with others upon returning home.

VastaIf booze, tar and sauna don’t help, the sickness is deadly!

The trinity in this famous Finnish adage is believed to be all a man needs to remain in good health. All these three can be enjoyed in various forms at the different saunas of the tour. Take a dip in an icy pool, down a tar-vodka shot and pour water on a stove holding a ton of rocks to gain respect from the Finns. But pace yourself, as the combination does not get much stronger than that!