Slow & Silent

Chaos, rush, noise and anxiety are all washed away as steam off the stove fills the room. For many Finns, the sauna is a sanctuary of sorts – a place you go for purification and renewal. Sauna is treatment for mind and body, enhanced with pure water, clean air and natural produce from the wilds. The spiritual side of the sauna is best experienced when your approach is slow and silent.

Sauna picks

Traditional Seven Star Smoke Sauna


The smoke sauna has been used by the Finns for hundreds of years. The first guests to bathe inside the black-charred log walls of the Seven Star Smoke Sauna were important men from high places. These distinguished guests were so impressed by the skill of the...

The Ice Sauna And Healing Peat Sauna


Bathing in the Ice Sauna is a fascinating and truly out-of-the-ordinary experience with great health benefits. The caressing, gentle and moist air is generated by the massive ice walls. In the summer, you can treat your body with natural remedies in the Healing Peat Sauna.

Iisakki's Lakeside Sauna


The Finnish dream – a wood-fired sauna by the lake with a massive 750kg stove. Heating the stove takes four hours, but the bather is rewarded with exceptionally slow and gentle steam. Marvel at the summer night in the open-air jacuzzi or take a dip in the cool lake...

Slow ways to spice up your experience:

SaunaYogaSaunaYoga – a relaxing, releasing, reinforcing …and steamy experience

In SaunaYoga the still and heartfelt atmosphere of sauna is combined with simple, body strengthening excercises. The mild, 50 oC heat and gentle poses help release tensions in the body and clear the mind.

Peat, herbs and honeyPeat, herbs and honey – bodily treatments from nature

For centuries, raw, untreated and potent ingredients from the surrounding nature have been used to cure and vitalise. In these ancient woods, anything gathered from nature is extremely pure. Different baths, balms, rubs and masks are used to give the body a caring treat.

VastaVasta – a heavenly scented birch whisk that gets the juices flowing

The soap of old times, a whip made of birch twigs is used in the sauna to stimulate, cleanse and massage the skin. Making a vasta can almost be considered a form of art, a meditative exercise requiring a bit of craftsmanship. You can be taught to make your own. Whip the skin of yourself or a friend, feel the tingling and smell the beautiful aroma – this is Finland for you!