Traditional Seven Star Smoke Sauna

The smoke sauna has been used by the Finns for hundreds of years. The first guests to bathe inside the black-charred log walls of the Seven Star Smoke Sauna were important men from high places. These distinguished guests were so impressed by the skill of the Sauna Master and the outstanding qualities of the sauna, that the seven wooden stars on the outer wall are cherished as well deserved. The energy rush after dipping in the ice pool after the hot sauna completes the unforgettable experience.


traditional smoke sauna, a vasta for every guest (all year), make your own vasta (summer), ice pool + traditional wool socks (winter), natural healing peat treatments, seasonal arctic snack & dinner menus + drinks, fish grilling in a teepee… see more at our website!


Traditional Seven Star Smoke Sauna – Isokenkäisten Klubi

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