Wild & Free

The deep gorges, untamed rivers and age-old forests of Kuusamo are a manifestation of the wild like no other. Be at one with nature by bathing in a remote sauna heated with wood from these forests. Taste the flavours of wild herbs, game and fish. Roam the lands. Feel the seasons. The wild and free experience lets you truly live the wilderness.

Sauna picks

Iivaara Wilderness Sauna


The remote Wilderness Sauna of Iivaara is heated by wood using trees from the surrounding wild forests. Imagine the sensation of taking in the wilderness while bathing in a sauna illuminated by only candlelight and live fire. If you are lucky, the setting can be...

Forest Seita Spa


Let the charming beat of the shaman’s drum and powerful chants prepare you for the relaxing sauna experience at Forest Seita Spa. Drift into the spiritual side of wellbeing in nature. The rituals of the indigenous people of the Arctic ensure you may bathe in peace and...

Wild Herb Sauna Of Ukonkivi


The luck-bearing white “Ukonkivi” rocks, which are believed to transcend eternal serenity, are hidden in the stove of the Wild Herb Sauna. The potent wild herbs are used in the exotic dishes as well as in ointments, rubs and baths, emitting heavenly scents while promoting health...

Wild ways to spice up your experience:


Wander the woods in the Midnight Sun

The Ruka-Kuusamo area is a world-renowned, truly magnificent location for hiking and even longer expeditions. In the summer, the Midnight Sun lets you walk through the wilds in the nightless night. The Oulanka National Park has many trails that traverse the most scenic and thrilling regions – rapids, fells, deep gorges and tall forests. Let us take you deep in the wilderness!

Peat, herbs and honey

Taste the nature

The arctic land of extremes has such extraordinary characteristics that the game, fish, berries, herbs and vegetables have a special flavour. The growing season is short, yet filled with sunlight. Even the potatoes here have a distinct shape and taste! The arctic cuisine has treats wilder than you can ever imagine. Reindeer, trout, cloudberries, and occasionally even bear meat, when it happens to be stocked! Food always tastes best when you have picked the berries and mushrooms and caught the fish yourself – give it a try!


Meet the king of the forest

Otso, as the ancestor of the Finns, known as the king of the forest, used to be worshipped and has always been respected by people living in these lands. In olden times the word itself was taboo – hence the many nicknames and variations in the Finnish language. The chances of running into a wild bear by accident are very slim, but there are ways to see these magnificent creatures in the wild from a safe distance… Dare you meet them?